ÖC Operations Cluster

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Lapp Systems is part of the ÖLFLEX Connecto Operations Cluster. This means you have 5 production facilities in LA EMEA and over 600 experts at your disposal!

Our primary goal is to create added value for our customers by offering a wide range of services. We excel at making our customers' lives simpler and more seamless. We provide solutions and services that save time, resources, and effort, allowing our customers to focus on their core business and achieve the best possible outcomes. Simplicity and efficiency are our cornerstones, and we aim to ensure that our customers' experience is as positive and productive as possible.

We excel at simplifying your life! For our customers this means:

Specialized Expertise
Benefit from dedicated skills for precise ÖLFLEX CONNECT solutions.

Cost Savings:
Cut expenses by avoiding in-house investment and training.

Flexible Scaling:
Easily adapt to demand fluctuations using our capacity.

Rapid Deployment:
Speed up product development with our efficient processes.

Risk Offloading:
Transfer production risks to us, focusing on core strengths.

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