Local and national politicians visit LAPP Systems


On Friday Oct. 28th, Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, member of the German parliament and chairman of the committee on legal affairs, came together with Jutta Manstein, deputy mayor of the town of Much, Karsten Schäfer, appointee of the town council and Oliver Galle, chairman of the union of medium sized entreprises in the region, to learn about Lapp Systems and the Lapp Group.

She was quite impressed by the fact that she has “a hidden champion right in our backyard”. Ms. Winkelmeier-Becker represents the electoral district to which the town of Much belongs in the German parliament and was really delighted to find out that Lapp Systems engineers, designs and builds highly complex wiring harnesses and boxbuild solutions for future-oriented industries like wind and solar energy, microchip production, pharmaceuticals and emobility.

Mr. Karl Heckl also attended the meeting and explained about the global footprint and wider scope of the Lapp Group. Bernd Weikert and Thomas Krischer gave the delegation a tour of our site and showed some of our products. Especially the optical fibre wiring harnessing production certified by German military standards, raised a lot of interest.

Afterwards we had the chance to discuss about the challenges of our business, especially the lack of skilled workers for our production, testing and prototyping. “I am very happy that we were able to organize this meeting” summarized Philipp Hess, acting head of Lapp Systems “since it put us on the map of the decision makers in the region and made them aware of our need for skilled workers and young talents in order to cope with the strongly rising demands of our customers:”