LAPP's whistleblower system

LAPP's whistleblower system

The claim to compliance and integrity, and therefore to lawful conduct, is a top priority for LAPP. It is therefore important to identify risks at an early stage and to proactively prevent them. A whistleblower system is a supportive tool that can be used to provide and investigate information about risks and misconduct. The LAPP whistleblower system provides us with the opportunity to learn about potential risks and misconduct at LAPP, our business partners or companies otherwise associated with us. It is there for reporting when information or reasonable suspicions regarding actual or potential breaches have been obtained in a professional context. In this way, a breach can be objectively processed as quickly as possible and corresponding measures can be implemented – in particular for this breach, but also to prevent further breaches. In so doing, the whistleblower must be able to assume, to the best of their knowledge and conscience, that the information is true.

If the report includes the disclosure of a trade secret, it is additionally required that the whistleblower has genuine reason to believe that the disclosure is necessary to expose the breach.

We systematically examine the information received and initiate appropriate follow-up measures if necessary.

How do we process your report?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after the report has been given. In LAPP’s whistleblower system, we scrutinize each whistleblower confidentially and thoroughly. An investigation is only initiated if this initial assessment (plausibility and validity check) reveals a suspicion of a breach. We follow the principle of fair process. It guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, persons affected and employees who help to clarify the reported misconduct.

LAPP will not tolerate discrimination against whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to investigations at LAPP. The presumption of innocence shall apply to the persons concerned until the breach is proven. The investigations are carried out with absolute confidentiality.

Which reports are helpful?

Reports may be given about risks, suspicions and violations of statutory provisions, voluntary self-assigned commitments and internal company regulations. This also includes breaches of human rights and environmental obligations from within the company's own business area and from the business area of (non-)indirect suppliers.You can also use the whistleblower system if you have questions about compliance matters. The whistleblower system is not intended for feedback or complaints concerning products or services of LAPP or our business partners. If you are dissatisfied with services or products, please contact Customer Service or a known contact person. 

Would you like to submit a confidential note or do you have a question about compliance?

The LAPP whistleblower system, with the online reporting system, provides an in-house, free reporting channel to report potential misconduct or ask questions about compliance. You have the opportunity to provide information about possible misconduct in different languages and to ask questions about compliance – including anonymously.

LAPP Whistleblower System