Compliance and integrity


Customer-oriented. Family-oriented. Innovative. Success-oriented. This mission statement forms the basis of the success story of LAPP as a family company and a leading manufacturer of innovative connection solutions. LAPP aims to be a credible, honest and transparent company, for which compliance with regulations and ethical conduct form the foundation of all business activities. These are the values on which our interaction and exchanges with our business partners are based. We stand for excellent products, fairness, trust and values. Effective compliance management is our top priority.

Compliance at LAPP

  • In order to protect the trust that our business partners, employees and the public place in us every day, we have established transparent processes and clear responsibilities in our corporate culture.
  • It is only through legitimate actions and ethical conduct that we can secure our business success in the long term. At LAPP, we define compliance as compliance with statutory provisions, voluntarily undertaken commitments, internal company rules and ethical principles.
  • The aim of LAPP's Compliance Management System is to ensure compliance with compliance specifications and prevent systematic misconduct. Our Code of Conduct sets out fundamental principles and measures for integrated behaviour.
  • LAPP's corporate philosophy and strategy are based on these principles. They provide LAPP, our employees and business partners with guidance and protection.
  • We are working on anchoring these principles in all our business activities, and are continually questioning and optimising them. As a result, we remain true to our values.