Quality & processes

The QM Systems - QS & LOS

The QM Systems - QS & LOS

QM System – QA & LOS


Lapp Systems GmbH is certified to ISO 9001 standard but that is not all.

Since the start of 2010 we have also been using a process optimisation system developed by ourselves. The term "Lean Management" in a general sense refers to the centralisation of thought principles, methods and procedures for efficient design of the entire value chain of industrial goods.

We call it LOS (Lapp Operation System) for short.


LOS seeks out wastage in our structures and processes in a targeted way and systematically eliminates it. The aim of this is to turn a very good system into a perfect system. The Lean philosophy, or as in our case, the LOS philosophy, is fully integrated in our company and is used in all of our divisions (administration, production and logistics), enabling us to ensure a standardised approach to optimising our business processes.


Transparency is important to us, so our employees are informed about all the LOS activities and the important business figures. And to allow LOS to be successful in all areas, we offer our employees the opportunity to integrate their knowledge and creativity in regular kaizen weeks. For a continuous improvement process.